Why is My Pressure Washer Surging

Why is My Pressure Washer Surging

Owning a Retractable System like a pressure washer is a dream come through for almost anybody. The fact that you don't have to spend the whole day cleaning a large area is already a breakthrough. As if that is not enough, even with the toughest of stains, the pressure washer will wash it without struggle. With the numerous advantages that come with owning a pressure washer, one would expect and hope that the pressure washer doesn't ever get wrong, but that is impossible. One of the many problems that can go wrong is having a surging pressure washer.

Pressure washers, as the name implies, rely on their pressure to operate. Without the pressure, the pressure washer is as good as useless. When your pressure washer surges, it means the pressure isn't consistent. That means while you're pulling the gun of your pressure washer to clean a surface, the pressure will first come out the right way, but it loses that pressure almost immediately. This problem is a major one because you can't pressure wash with dwindling pressure. Luckily, some common culprits can lead to your pressure washer surging. In this guide, we'll examine some of the problems that can cause your pressure washer to surge.

Check the Nozzle

The most common culprit when your pressure washer is terrible is the nozzle. The nozzle acts as the pressured water's pathway before it gets out to the surface. Usually, before the nozzle gets bad beyond repair, it takes a long while. But because not all water passing through the nozzle is clean, it may get dirty at one point or the other. For instance, in a situation when your pressure washer nozzle takes in water that has mixed with some sand and debris, the sand and debris will leave some deposits within the nozzle. Over time, this sand and debris will clog the nozzle. To fix a bad nozzle, all you need to do is to get a nozzle cleaner kit. The kit already has guidelines on how you can use them to clean.

The pressure washer unloader

Sometimes, while pressure washing, the nozzle you're using may get blocked due to internal and external factors. It is the job of the pressure washer unloader to reduce the water pressure when there is a blockage. The blockage will stop the pressure coming into the water leading to a surge. If you want to change or repair the unloader, you need technical experience and the right tools.

Check the water supply

When your pressure washer surges, it may not always be a technical issue. An issue as simple as a dwindling water supply can cause the pressure washer to surge. For instance, let's assume your pressure washer has a long hose connected to a tap as the water source. If the hose disconnects from the tap, the pressure washer will surge because the water being pumped may not be enough to continue cleaning. Therefore, check the water source before checking any technical experience.


When your pressure washer surges, you can confirm the parts discussed in this guide. Also, you can check the hose of the pressure washer, and you can check the valves.